Netflow Monitoring of Online Teaching at KIT

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Online Teaching

At KIT, students access teaching materials such as slides using the teaching platform Ilias. Opencast provides recorded lecture videos to students. With Opencast, lecture videos can be streamed and downloaded, however downloads are only available after lecturer opt-in.
Livestreams (for synchronous lectures) are currently mainly conducted via the external tool Zoom and hence not considered in the Netflow monitoring.

Monitoring Approach

In order to monitor the traffic generated by online teaching, we gather Netflow data at the core network of KIT, to which Ilias and Opencast servers are connected. From these data, we derive key traffic metrics such as total data volume per day and the development of observed data rate over time. Several up-to-date results are shown below.

Live Measurements (updated daily)

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Traffic Volume

This plot shows the daily traffic volumes for the last 30 days.

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Data Rates

This plot shows the data rates for the last week. The displayed rates are averaged over two-hour periods.